A much delayed Friday Finds. I started a recurring blog awhile back that would be a look at cool things I found around the web as well as other places. This week I have something that has been widely spread around social media and most of you know about it already. In fact is has over 650,000 views. But I wanted to use this Friday Finds blog to highlight the Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Halloween theme. It’s BRILLIANT!


The main reason I wanted to highlight it here is that it comes up on this week’s show during our Halloween two part special. I know I for one would love for the new Halloween sequel to use this as the theme. Not sure if this is a not-so-subtle way to get the theme out into the world and let the fan excitement drive the decision to use Reznor and Ross for the official score. Kind of like the Deadpool test footage leak. Put it out in the world and see if there is enough of a fan reaction to make things happen. Let’s hope that this is the case and this theme is what ends up in the new film! Fingers crossed.